Casey Police Department

Animal Control Information

The Casey Animal Control was established to provide for the health and safety of citizens and protect them from animals and the threat of animals. The mission of Animal Control is not only to enhance the safety of citizens, but also to ensure the proper care and treatment of animals.  This is accomplished through animal related services which reflect our professionalism and a concern for responsible pet ownership.  Animal Control is a Division of the Casey Police Department.

Casey City ordinances require that the owner of each dog, four months of age or older, register the dog with the city police department. It is also required that by May 1st of each calendar year, every owner or keeper of a dog four months or more of age shall cause such dog to be inoculated against rabies. Such owner or keeper of such dog shall cause a serially numbered tag evidencing such inoculation to be attached to a collar or harness worn by the dog.

Dogs must be kept either on a leash or within a fenced-in area. Any dog permitted to run at large within the city is declared to be a nuisance. To report loose or nuisance animals, please contact the Animal Control Officer through the police department at 932-2800. Dogs that are running loose may be picked up and impounded at the city pound.

Fees for impounded animals are as follows:

$20 pickup fee for the first time, and an additional $20 added to this fee every subsequent time the animal is picked up. Additionally, the daily fee is $3. The owner may also be cited by the police under ordinance 6.02.070 - Restraint of dogs (Dogs running at large).

Any impounded dog which shall not be redeemed within seven days shall be humanely destroyed or otherwise disposed of by the pound keeper.